Our Mission

Design and produce customized truck–specific Power Point and eMail communication programs for safety meetings, orientations and electronic newsletters. Our programs have appeal and convey your message with impact.

PowerPoint Truck
Safety Programs

Specific Targeted Content Ahead

Power Point gives you the ability to create training programs with content specific to your operation. However, do you have the time to devote to the process, access to graphics and photos and the design skills to avoid “Death by Power Point” — slide after slide packed with text and information? Imagine the impact if your Power Point truck safety programs were created by an outside resource using custom graphics, photographs and designs all effectively executed to emphasize key points tailored to your company’s needs and operations.

Custom Designed
eMail Newsletters

eMail Message Ahead

Today’s world of electronic communication is evolving at a fast pace and your audience has embraced electronic messages. Printed and mailed flyers have been replaced by email newsletters which integrate design, photos and graphics. What resources do you have to effectively manage the process and also select the most appropriate design? How will your communications adapt to and take advantage of changing technology? How effectively do your communications tie in with other company initiatives?

Partner with Your Company Resource to answer these questions and bring effective communication to your fleet.

Resources for
Enhanced Training

Take a look at some of our work, download it and use it to enhance your safety initiatives. We think you'll find that our programs add value to your safety initiatives.

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